2018 Annual Conference Presentations

SESWA’s 13th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference focused on Stormwater Solutions in Region 4 by providing attendees with a wide array of technologies and strategies to address challenges in stormwater management across the southeast.

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Wednesday - October 3, 2018 (PRE-CONFERENCE)
Tour of Local Stormwater Projects - no presentations
Public Education Innovative Public Education & Info Campaigns [Bishop, Butler, Ceccarelli, Gecy, Larson]

Thursday - October 4, 2018
Welcome and Opening Address [Repik, Glenn] - no presentations
New Initiatives in Stormwater Mgmt - SE Perspective [Repik, Glenn, Corley, Minkara, Rayburn] - no presentations
01 - Resiliency vs. Adaptation As Our Storm Events Change [Geiger, Brown]
02 - Bio-Sorption Activated Media for Control of Nutrients and Fecal Coliforms [Wanielista, Wen]
03 - Stormwater Management in Emergency Situations [O'Reilly]
04 - Urban Stream Mitigation: Negotiations, Bridges and Bugs [Marotti, Squires]
05 - A National Review of Innovative Stormwater Management Initiatives [Sands, Balci, Poliseo]
06 - Optimizing the Restoration of Urban Streams at Every Stage [Mattfield]
07 - A Drainage Improvement and Sea Level Rise Mitigation Project [Phillips]
08 - City of Roswell - Impaired Streams Assessment! [Brown, Lester, Murray]
09 - Underwater and Out of Money [Karkowski, Repik]
10 - SWMM(ing) with Poop - BST Tracking for Watershed Improvement [Bazinet, Bones, Fleming]
11 - How to Win an Enforcement Case [Kimball-Mehlhorn]
12 - How Beaufort County Uses Drones in Stormwater Management [Larson, Gecy]

Friday - October 5, 2018
13 - The Ripple Effect of Developing a Stormwater Design Manual [Seal, Crowell]
14 - Post Development Water Quality - Who Are We To Question Nature? [Bates]
15 - City of Charleston Watershed Master Planning [Smith, Holton, Skipper]
16 - Soaking It In - Permeable Paver Success In Historic Roswell [Murray, Hawks]
17 - Integrated Water Resources Planning in Pinellas County [McClelland]
18 - Erosion Assessments Using Tree Roots [Jewell]
19 - Federal Update and National Stormwater Trends [Remmel]