2015 Annual Conference Presentations

10th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference

October 14-16, 2015 / Chattanooga, Tennessee

SESWA’s 10th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference provided innovative solutions to many of the complex challenges in stormwater management.

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Wednesday - October 14, 2015 (PRE-CONFERENCE)

PC01 - TMDLs in Region 4: Development, Implementation and Monitoring [McClelland, Riddle, Hall, Westall]
PC02 - Tour of Local Stormwater Projects - no handouts

Thursday - October 15, 2015

OA - Opening Address - [Leo] - no PowerPoint
OS - Celebrating the Past - Looking to the Future [Hammock, Lewallen, Corley]- no PowerPoint
01 - Federal Update and National Stormwater Trends [Mannion]
02 - Lake Preservation - Lessons Learned in Hydraulic Dredging [Mason, Holzen]
03 - Innovative Approaches to Satisfying MS4 Permits & TMDL Requirements [Peene]
04 - Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance - Giving Old Outfalls New Life [Marotti]
LA - Luncheon Address - [Giattina]
05 - Integrating Stormwater Quantity and Quality Requirements Using the Runoff Reduction Method [Larson]
06 - Utilizing a County-Owned Golf Course for Watershed Restoration [Narayanan, Hawks, Wright]
07 - A County's IDDE Program goes "Mainstream": 40 Miles of Kayaking... [Riddle, Wortkoetter, Hammond]
08 - Overcoming Design Waste with Clear Visualization of Green Infrastructure Design [Sample, Francis]
09 - A 319(h) - Funded Case Study: A Sustainable Approach to Financing... [Hawks, Champagne, Gazaway]
10 - Pursuing Green Infrastructure for the Stormwater Management at the World's... [Emanuel, Sattler]
11 - A GIS-Based Appraoch for Septic System Risk Detection to Water Quality [Reagan, Holder]
12 - Collaborating Toward a Green City Approach [Minkara]
13 - On-site Water Quality Treatment Banking - Getting your Best Bang for your Buck [Geiger]
14 - Satisfying Montgomery County's MS4 Requirements Utilizing ESD & LID Design... [Baker, Schmidt]

Friday - October 16, 2015

15 - Richland County Watershed Master Plan [Williams, Epps, Lewallen]
16 - Bioretention Treatment of Horse Muck Runoff at the Kentucky Horse Park [Lavey]
17 - District-Wide 2016 Water Resources Plan Update - NPS Edition [Thom, Faulkner]
18 - Which Competing Hydraulic Design Model is Right for Your Municipality? [Perry]
19 - Pushing the Limits of Constructability Pushes the Limits of Project Planning [Smith, Labadorf]
20 - Georgia's Updated, Adaptive Approach to Stormwater Management [Faulkner, Crowell]
21 - Structuring Public-Private Partnerships for Stormwater Projects [speaker requested to not post presentation]
22 - Educating through Empowerment: Strategies for Active Community... [Truszczynski, Shepard]
23 - The Annual Rv Method for Site Level Green Infrastructure [Reese, Halley]

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