2016 Annual Conference Presentations

11th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference

October 19-21, 2016 / Birmingham, Alabama

SESWA’s 11th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference event will focus on Stormwater Solutions in Region 4 by providing attendees with a wide array of technologies and strategies to address challenges in stormwater management across the southeast.

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Wednesday - October 19, 2016 (PRE-CONFERENCE)
PC01 - Planning for Extreme Flooding Events – What Stormwater Managers Should Know [Clarkson, Bowens, Lindsey, Thomas]
PC02 - Tour of Local Stormwater Projects

Thursday - October 20, 2016
OA - Welcome and Opening Address - [Giattina]
OS - Responding to New Initiatives in Stormwater Management – A Southeast Perspective
        [Corley, Hawks, Giattina, Miller, Repik] - No PowerPoint Presentation
01 - WOTUS Litigation:  Are We Done Yet?  Has It Even Started? [Jazil]
02 - Georgia’s Unified Sizing Criteria - the Old, the New and the Misunderstood [Crowell]
03 - The Rainiest City's War on Litter:  The City of Mobile's MS4 Program [Sawyer, Brown]
04 - Let the Floodplains Flood [Gucker]
05 - The Saga of Post Construction Stormwater Requirements in TN [Mason]
06 - Is it Time for a National Stormwater Testing and Evaluation Program for BMPs? [Miller]
07 - Town Creek Culvert: The Model Marriage Between Green and Grey Infrastructure [Horstman]
08 - Big Funding Needs for Beaufort County Result in Innovative Stormwater Rate... [Larson, Readling, Fitts]
09 - City of Atlanta's Green Infrastructure Initiative [Owens, Visone]
10 - Emerging Best Practices in Stormwater Utilities [Reese]
11 - Integrating LID, Stream Enhancement, and Floodplain Functions in Urban Watersheds [Jennings]
12 - The Asset Manager’s Repertoire of Solutions:  The Opportunistic Approach [Wilke, Rainwater]

Friday - October 21, 2016
13 - Development of the Foe Killer Creek Watershed Improvement Plan [Kaplan]
14 - Creating WIN-WIN Partnerships with Stormwater and Park Projects [Blanford, Bryant]
15 - Integrated Watershed Restoration [Karl]
16 - Lessons Learned in the Design, Construction, and Monitoring of a Large-Scale RSC [Hall]
17 - Lessons Learned: Parkerson Mill Creek Urban Stream Enhancements [Brantley]
18 - Growing Trees in Gravel Retention Systems to Reduce Stormwater Runoff [Kuehler]
19 - Federal Update and National Stormwater Trends [Gardner-Andrews]

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