2017 Annual Conference Presentations

12th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference

October 11-13, 2017 / Louisville, Kentucky

SESWA’s 12th Annual Regional Stormwater Conference focused on Stormwater Solutions in Region 4 by providing attendees with a wide array of technologies and strategies to address challenges in stormwater management across the southeast.

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Wednesday - October 11, 2017 (PRE-CONFERENCE)
Tour of Local Stormwater Projects - no presentations
Stormwater Management Strategies for Climate Resiliency [Canaan, Gathy, Karrick, Jones, Wilhem]

Thursday - October 12, 2017
Welcome and Opening Address [Smith, Walker]
New Initiatives in Stormwater Mgmt - Southeast Perspective [Walker, Repik, Leo, Mason] - no presentations
01 - Capitalizing on a Watershed Plan: How We Earned Grant Funding [Wells, Lewallen]
02 - What's the Difference?  NPDES Permits Compared and Contrasted [Mina, Mason, Hawks]
03 - Next-Generation Planning: from Modeling to Web-Based Tracking [Bambic]
04 - E-Reporting: Implementation and Impacts on the MS4 Community [Truszczynski]
05 - Does Education Make a Difference?  A Scientific Case Study [Robertson, Riddle]
06 - A Statewide Approach to Pathogen TMDLs [McDonald]
07 - No P on My Lawn!  Engaging Urban Kentuckians on Nutrients [Lee]
08 - Nowhere to Hide: It's Audit Time! [Clarkson, Wortkoetter, Jaspers]
09 - Uplift of a Wet Weather Stream: Satisfying Regulatory Requirements [Geiger]
10 - IDDE Experiences - Mobile Washers to Pools and Many in Between [Miller]
11 - Cooperative Education and Involvement Programming [Scaroni, Comeau, Davis, Larson]
12 - The Long and Winding Road of Nutrient Criteria Development [Durbin]

Friday - October 13, 2017
13 - Is Money the Only Incentive to Entice Residents to Install GI? [Ellwood]
14 - Benthic Habitat Enhancement + Relocation = Impairment Delisting! [Marotti]
15 - LID or BUST?  Nashville's Low Impact Development Journey [Dohn]
16 - Putting Them to Work: Engaging Your SW Advisory Committee! [Carey]
17 - Building Green: Atlanta's Green Infrastructure Approach [Rayburn]
18 - Naturalized Stabilization Measures and Their Effectiveness [Burcham]
19 - Federal Update and National Stormwater Trends [Remmel]