GIS Specialist - GA

Job Information
Category: Specialist
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Title: GIS Specialist
Job Location: Duluth, GA

Job Description: The purpose of this position is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the City’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Incumbents are responsible for collecting data by inspecting existing public infrastructure in the field and performing a variety of analytical duties in support of GIS. This Specialist will troubleshoot user problems, create, and change map and data layers, perform Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and conduct routine needs analysis.

With direction from the Stormwater Program Manager, this employee will establish databases, assist with implementing and maintaining ArcGIS Online maps and services, perform data conversion, conduct research, prepare maps, update the zoning map, provide various maps to planning staff as well as city-wide staff, strengthen and maintain the GIS program. This work requires a significant level of independence, self-initiative, program knowledge, and self-confidence in group activities. The employee exercises judgment and initiative in setting and carrying out scheduled activities.

General GIS Duties account for 75% of this employee’s essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Participate in developing, implementing, and modifying GIS software applications

  • Establish and maintain GIS databases

  • Provide support to all City staff regarding GIS information when necessary

  • Conduct research on a variety of specific and long-range planning projects

  • Educate staff on the proper use of GIS technology

  • Prepare visual materials for presentations, public notifications and outreach

  • Plot maps and plan sets for City Staff

  • Aid in the updating and monitoring of the graphic portion of the comprehensive plan

  • Develop, implement, and maintain a long-range GIS plan for the Department of Planning & Development and the City

  • Maintain and update data for the City’s Community Rating System certification (FEMA)

  • Maintain and update the GIS & Mapping section of the City website

  • Maintain GIS data on the City’s stormwater pipes, structures, ponds, catch basins, drainage ditches, and other stormwater infrastructure

  • Respond to questions from the general public, elected officials, and other departments regarding GIS information

  • Prepare memoranda, correspondence and technical reports as needed

  • Performs other related duties as required

Inspections and Field Data Collection account for 25% of this employee’s essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Inspect and collect GIS data on the City’s stormwater pipes, structures, ponds, catch basins, drainage ditches, and other stormwater infrastructure

  • Collect, and maintain GIS data on the City’s sidewalk infrastructure

  • Performs other related duties as required

Job Requirements: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in geography, planning, landscape architecture, computer science or related field with two years’ experience and a good working knowledge of ESRI software products required.

  2. Experience with ArcGIS Online, Collector, or Survey123 preferred.

  3. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite software preferred.

  4. GIS Professional (GISP) certification preferred. (

Salary Information: $21.46 - $27.80 per hour; $44,637 - $57,824 annualized (based on qualifications)

How to Apply: Interested persons should submit a completed job application, a cover letter, comprehensive resume, and proof of education. Application is available on our website. Application materials must be sent to: (in-person, mail/package delivery; or electronically) City of Duluth Human Resources (electronically to [email protected]), 3167 Main Street, Duluth, GA 30096-3263. Questions about the application process? Contact Jocelyn McGiboney at 770-497-5287 or [email protected]. Questions about the job duties? Contact Forrest Huffman at 770-497-5002 or [email protected]

Organization Information
Organization: City of Duluth, Georgia
Point of Contact: Jocelyn McGiboney
Address: 3167 Main Street
City: Duluth
State: GA 
Zip Code: 30096
Phone: 770-497-5287
Email: [email protected]