Senior Environmental Specialist - NC

Job Information
Job Status: Full-Time
Job Title: Senior Environmental Specialist
Job Location: Mecklenburg County, NC

Job Description: Serves as the team lead of field staff of environmental specialists or other employees engaged in environmental activities to ensure compliance of all laws, regulations and standards regarding any of the following program areas: air quality, solid waste facilities and programs, and storm water services. This employee will be responsible for managing the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services automated water quality monitoring program which will include the following duties: Leading a team of 3 employees on a day-to-day basis. Leading the installation, maintenance, and engineering of automated water quality and hydrologic monitoring stations. Programming data loggers, modems, cameras, and data hosting services. Maintaining an inventory of supplies, tools, equipment, and budget. Conduct QA/QC checks on data, calibration records, and follow SOPs. Completing continuous education to stay knowledgeable in the current trends and equipment used in automated monitoring. Employee must be eligible to receive a Mecklenburg County purchase card. 

Job Requirements: ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Guides and monitors daily activities of environmental staff and programs. Monitors and conducts complaint investigations for possible violations and resolves issues and/or questions. Reports violations to the appropriate authority, documents findings and testifies in court if necessary. Suspends or revokes permits if necessary. Provides community outreach and education. Coordinates training, site visits, meetings and presentations. Interacts with individual citizens and community groups and responds to citizens regarding issues or questions, problems or improvements. Communicates with various agencies regarding compliance matters and reporting requirements. Develops community or corporate plans and goals that focus on environmental stewardship while conforming to resource constraints. Implements grant-funded projects, monitoring and reporting progress in accordance with sponsoring agency requirements. Provides contract oversight and interaction with external firms. Oversees campaigns to promote environmental programs with communities or private companies. Prepares grant applications to fund environmental programs or program enhancements. Identifies or investigates new opportunities for materials to be collected and recycled. Provides training to staff on topics such as safety, environmental practices or operations. Reviews customer requests for service to determine service needs and deploy appropriate resources to provide service. Drafts reports, compiles statistics, assists in preparing budgets. Coordinates information and education resources for environmental programs with other departments, municipalities, outside agencies, citizen groups, and businesses. Gives presentations to the public, including schools, community groups and organizations, and businesses. Compiles reports on environmental programs and provide feedback and suggestions on how existing programs can be improved. Designs and implements process improvement projects and programs. Keeps up-to-date on current environmental best practices and legislation.

Salary Information: $46,960.00 - $61,635.00

How to Apply: Apply online:

Organization Information
Organization: Mecklenburg County
Point of Contact: Ryan Spidel
Address: 2145 Suttle Avenue
City: Charlotte
State: NC 
Zip Code: 28208
Phone: 980-721-3762
Email: [email protected]